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In Marblehead, candidates make their case for 8th Essex District seat

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Diann Slavit-Baylis

“With just three weeks to go in this campaign, I bet you’re all wondering, ‘Well, how do we differentiate from each of us – especially Jenny and I – we both have red hair,” Slavit-Baylis quipped to widespread laughter. “But there are differences.”

Slavit-Baylis, a Marblehead resident, is an immigration attorney. Since she was young, she has been involved in the causes of the Democratic Party.

“I’m a lifelong Democrat. My first job out of college was on staff at the Democratic State Committee. I worked there for six years,” she said. “I’ve worked on countless Democratic campaigns, and I also was an intern on Capitol Hill.”

She testified before state lawmakers to support a gun control bill – now law – that permits a judge to issue an Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO), also known as a red flag law, that suspends a person’s license to possess or carry a gun.

“I was really proud when the Red Flag Law got passed, I have to say that was probably my biggest accomplishment as an advocate,” Slavit-Baylis said. “And that is a distinction. I’ve gotten real results as an advocate for legislative change.”

Dowd, Will. “In Marblehead, Candidates Make Their Case for 8th Essex District Seat.” Marblehead News. Marblehead News, August 16, 2022.

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