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Our Focus and Goals


Protecting The Environment

One of my highest priorities is protecting the environment and addressing the climate crisis. The investments we make now will pay off in so many ways by maintaining our oceans, beaches and other natural resources so that future generations can enjoy the wonderful natural beauty and quality of life in this district.

I grew up in Haverhill on the Merrimack River. As Haverhill Harbormaster and Captain of a paddlewheel riverboat, my father always knew the importance of cleaning up the Merrimack River and how vital it was to the Haverhill economy through fishing, tourism and recreation, As the Harbormaster’s daughter and an avid surfer, I also see similarities in how the ocean and our beaches in this region impact the district’s economy and quality of life. I want to continue the excellent work Representative Lori Ehrlich and Senator Brendan Crighton did in securing funding for the protection of Kings beach in Swampscott and the rest of our coastline.

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Gun Violence Prevention

I have worked for many years as an advocate in preventing gun violence. I have been actively involved in the Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, Moms Demand Action, and Hands Up for Gun Safety. I have testified before the legislature and spoken at State House events on issues of gun violence
prevention. I will and always have maintained a commitment to keep our schools and communities safe.


The economy in this district is closely tied to the ocean in industries such as fishing, wind energy, environmental sciences, tourism, and recreation. This drives a lot of the economic activity in our region.
We need to capitalize on work that the North Shore Blue Economy Initiative has done, with support from the Essex County Community Foundation. We need to focus on ocean-related economic growth
balanced with sustainability for our oceanfront region. With smart planning and investments, we can capitalize on these opportunities to create a lot of well-paying jobs in this region.

The Life Sciences has become our state’s fastest growing industry. Many people in this district are employed in the life sciences, and in other technology-focused sectors. We need to capitalize on our strengths through continued investment in the Life Sciences Industry’s growth in our region through the work of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center and related agencies.


We also need to support the work the North Shore Technology Council in expanding our technology workforce so that we can continue to attract employers to the region. 



My husband and I have four kids between us. They all go to public schools. My youngest child attends the Village School in Marblehead. We understand how fortunate we are to live in a district that has great schools. Education funding, for our urban and suburban school districts, will always be a top priority for me.


Kids are under a lot of stress because of this unprecedented health crisis and the ongoing epidemic of gun violence in our schools. I will also make it a top priority to ensure our schools are safe for our kids, in terms of both physical and mental health.

Gun Violence


One of our region's greatest economic challenges is how best to address our aging and decaying transportation infrastructure.  Massachusetts needs to invest in modern, safe and reliable transportation systems.  We need expanded transportation options for commuters, along with improved options for travel around the North Shore, particularly for our seniors.


Civil Rights and Equality

One of Massachusetts' proudest moments was the day that we led the nation in securing marriage equality.  We need to protect the progress we have made, and continue the march toward equality so that we live up to our constitutions' guarantee of equal protection under the law.  We must ensure that our laws treat everyone fairly, that we protect access to reproductive healthcare, and that our Commonwealth provides equality of opportunity, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion or national origin.

Civil Rights
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