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"In today’s world it takes courage to show up and listen to someone with curiosity.   That’s what Diann demonstrated when she volunteered to be a participant in Divided We Fall:Unity Without Tragedy.   For 48 hours she engaged with strangers, many of whom strongly disagreed with her politics, and found common ground as fellow Americans.   Diann has the ability to listen, learn and then act -  a skill set that will serve her North Shore constituents well on Beacon Hill."

Colorado's ‘Divided We Fall’ producer urges networks not to fuel election flames  2020-ele

- Tom Cosgrove, Co-Creator and Producer, Divided We Fall: Unity Without Tragedy

Gardens from above

"Diann has made a commitment that education funding will be her top budget priority," said Marblehead School Committee Chair Sarah Gold.  "As a parent she also understands the impact that the COVID-era has had on our student's well being, and she'll fight for greater access to mental health services for students who are in need. That's the kind of education champion that we need representing us on Beacon Hill."

- Sarah Gold, Chair, Marblehead School Committee

High Fives
"Diann graciously volunteered her time for several years to assist low income people in need of advice and form preparation with the Lawyer of the Day Program in Salem.  She even came with her newborn son a few times!  Knowledgeable, supportive, kind... an amazing advocate."

​- Kathleen Solazzo, Attorney and Former Director, Lawyer of the Day Program, Essex Probate Court

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